Our Services

At DCP Global Partners, we utilize a vast network of international contacts to provide expert assistance for US companies entering the global marketplace, as well as sourcing of US products for foreign buyers. Only 15% of US companies are currently exporting to foreign markets, which means that the other 85% of US companies are missing potential opportunities to market their products and services to 95% of the world's consumers. With a weaker US dollar and Free Trade Agreements (FTA's), exporters can now be more competitive in the global marketplace.

We combine our experience and knowledge to give your products and services the advantage in newly open markets in places such as Australia, Chile, Singapore, India, Jordan, Israel, Canada, Columbia, South Africa, South Korea, Bulgaria, Mexico and Central America. We work to provide you with more customers and greater stability through diversification of market risk. Whether you are interested in exporting to one market, multiple markets, or are interested in joint ventures, we have the tools to assist you. We work with companies large and small, and guide you through the process. Contact us today to speak with one of our representatives!